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The map below was created to give you an idea of backpacking costs in different countries around the world and help you decide on a destination you can afford. It can be hard to predict how much money you will spend in countries if you’ve never visited them.

If it’s your first time travelling, it might be a good idea to allow for a little more than the minimum stated in the map below. The budgets for each country may vary based on which region of that country you decide to visit. Map excludes airfare, or any other types of transportation.


The map is based on the following 

​Night in a hostel

Meal at a local resturant/street food

Drinks – soda, water etc..

Entrance to a tourist site

A couple beers at a bar/resturant

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1. Flights

If you’ve found a country that fits your budget and you’re ready to commit, the next step is to find a plane ticket.. Google Flights is a great place to go when searching for flights on a budget, especially if your dates are flexible. I’ve found that booking a flight around 6-8 weeks out from the time you want to leave will usually give you the best deals.

2. Onward Ticket
Booking a one way flight is great if you want to travel for longer periods of time without committing to a return date. The problem is that most countries require some sort of proof that you will be leaving the country within their required time frame. In fact, your airline may not even let you on your flight until you can show some proof of onward or return travel. Having this ticket is important and might be the difference in you missing your flight or not.
Now there are several ways to avoid this problem. First you can simply buy an onward ticket and then cancel it once you’ve landed at your destination. Some sites allow you to cancel and receive a full refund within 72 hours, others you can pay a small fee and cancel the ticket at any time within their time frame. I suggest you read the FAQ page on whichever site you decide on and see what their cancellation policy is. 
Secondly you can go online and try to find a cheap bus or ferry ticket that will be travelling out of the country and just take the loss if you decide not to use it, it will probably only set you back ten or fifteen dollars and you will have that extra peace of mind knowing you’re covered. Print out the tickets or show the airline the email for your onward ticket and your all set.
Lastly I don’t recommend it but you could always just wing it and hope that they don’t check for it! 
3. Visa Requirements
As well as having a passport some countries require you to have a Travel Visa.
A Travel Visa is conditional authorization granted by a country to a foreigner, allowing them to enter and temporarily remain within, or to leave that country. It’s very important to make sure you are covered Visa wise. Head over to the visa information page, or click on the image below to find out if you need a travel visa for your destination.
4. Gear
The next step is finding the right gear for your trip. A comfortable backpack should be your first priority. On my backpack page you can find recommendations and tips for choosing a pack, you will also find a video on the page that will show you the correct way to measure your torso length so you don’t end up with the wrong sized pack.
As well as finding the right backpack you will need other gear for your trip. I’ve put together a list of all my favorite gear for travelling abroad, you can check it out on my favorite gear page.
5. Resources
Having the right resources available to you while travelling is very important and shouldn’t be overlooked. I’ve put together a list of apps that I use time and time again on all my trips, you can find them on my favorite apps page. Hostelworld, Google Maps and XE currency are among my most used apps and I recommend you have at least a minimum of these three for any travels abroad.
6. Travel Insurance
I highly suggest getting travel insurance for your trip abroad, you never know when something bad can happen, and if it does you don’t want to have to pay all the costs of a medical clinic out of your own pocket. I recommend World Nomads Insurance, It is one of the best travel insurances out there for independent travelers. You can take care of everything online on their website, even buy insurance while in another country if you decide to leave for your trip without getting it first. 
7. Health
Lastly I recommend checking out the CDC to see what kind of immunizations they recommend for the country you are visiting. I recommend going at least with the minimum suggested on their website. You can visit their site here.
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