Costa Rican coffee

Tour a coffee plantation in Costa Rica

Costa Rican coffee

Don Juan coffee tours in Monteverde is without a doubt one of the best coffee tours in Costa Rica.

Along the tour you will witness first hand the traditional processes that have been used for generations to produce the rich tasting “world class” Costa Rican coffee. 



From San Jose: Transmonteverde S.A. is the main service provider for buses to the area. The direct bus leaves from a new bus station in San Jose called Terminal 7-10.  It is a large new terminal with 3 levels of shops. To purchase your bus tickets go to level two as that is where they sell them from.

map showing how to get to monteverde, costa rica from san jose, costa rica


Bus Ticket price is roughly 2790.00 Colones per person one way($6 US). The bus station is not in the safest area in San Jose so be careful with your things. Journey time is 4 – 5 hours. You can find a schedule of the buses here.


Favorite Hostel in the Area: CABINAS VISTA AL GOLFO in Santa Elena.

The staff at this hostel during my visit were extremely helpful! They helped make my time in Monteverde a truly amazing experience. I recommend this place above everywhere else I stayed while in the area. 



History: Production of coffee began in 1779 in the Meseta Central which had ideal soil and climate conditions for coffee plantations. By the mid-20th Century, coffee had become vital to the Costa Rican economy and one of the countries main sources of income.

Today coffee is grown all over Costa Rica, and continues to be important for the countries economy. 

a natural experience of sugar coffee and cocoa sign in front of the tour
a sign on the don juan coffee tour saying coffee
coffee beans before they are ripe for harvestCoffee cherries before harvest

If you want to take part in the harvest, November through February are the best months to take the tour here.

the guide on the don juan tour explaining about the coffee plantOur guide teaching us about the plant  
Coffee bean sorter on the don juan tourThe sorting process  
full sorting buckets for the coffee sorting process
coffee beans after roasting shown on the tour in monteverdeAfter the coffee beans are roasted 

an old coffee grinder stick in an ancient bucket

oxen used to transport tourists around the coffee plantation
machine used in getting juice from the pulp of sugar cane stemsMachine used in getting the juice from the sugar cane pulp  
grinder used in the cocoa plantCocoa grinder 
making sugar on the tour, sugar cane yumminess Making sugar from the cane 
a sleepy sloth hiding out in a tree on the coffee tourA sleepy Sloth was one of the many animals we observed on the tour
a tropical bird spotted along the tour in monteverde
banana tree showing the fruit before being ripe on the tour

Banana trees are common here as well 

overlooking costa rica's beautiful valleys from the top of the coffee don juan tour

 Have you been on the tour? If so I’d love to hear your story! Post in the comments section below.

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