Top Gear Experience in Vietnam

Ever since its feature in BBC’s Vietnam special, Top Gear’s route has become a very popular attraction for SE Asia backpackers making their way north/south in the country. Whether it’s the chaotic road ways, or the scenic views over the Hai Van pass, the Top Gear experience is a must do adventure while in the country. 


a map showing the route of the top gear experience tour

Start: Hue, Vietnam – End: Hoi An, Vietnam


The Route: You can do the route on your own or pay for a guide to lead your group. We opted to do it on our own, and used google maps for directions. The route can take anywhere from 6-10 hours depending on how many detours you decide to take.  


Most companies that offer the Top Gear tours will provide bag delivery to your destination upon request, as well as pickup your bikes once you reach your destination.

motorcycles driving along the chaotic Vietnamese highways

The chaotic road ways – you never know what to expect 

School kids running out to see us near a Vietnamese school

School kids excited to see us 

goats along the highway overlooking a beautiful lake

Goats along the road 

the mountains along a railway near the highways going up hai van pass
a sign revealing the hai can pass


The Hai Van Pass: Located in between Hue and Danang, the Hai Van pass is an amazing climb on a bike! This was my favorite part of the trip!

 Cruising up the mountain on a tiny scooter with the fresh mountain air blowing in my face, animals crossing the road at random moments along with road signs I couldn’t read made it one of the coolest things I’ve done in all my life!  


a photo of me overlooking a beautiful river along the top gear experience
My companions cruising up the hai van pass
the winding road up hai van pass in the beautiful mountains of central vietnam

The winding road to the pass 

Top Gear Experience and my companions posing for a photo along the roadway

The Crew 

a beautiful river along the tour

Beautiful rivers along the journey 

me and fellow backpackers celebrating after completing the top gear tour

Celebrating completion


Everyone in our group absolutely loved this tour! If your looking for adventure while in Vietnam, then this is it!


A few clips of the tour

Have you cruised the Top Gear? If so I’d love to hear your story! Post in the comments section below.

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